3 Mar

Popups in WindowsXP SP2

This is the official word from MS about what SP2 of XP
adds to IE.

Here are some key quotes from the Changes
to Functionality in Service Pack 2 for Microsoft Windows XP
article on MSDN

  • Defaults

    Pop-up Manager is turned off by default. There are
    restrictions on the size and position of pop-up windows, regardless of the Pop-up
    Manager setting: Pop-up windows cannot be opened larger than or outside the viewable
    desktop area. For more information, see “Windows Restrictions” in this document.

    When this functionality is enabled, automatic and background
    pop-up windows are blocked, but windows that are opened by a user click will still
    open in the usual manner. Note that sites in the Trusted Sites and Local Intranet
    zones never have their pop-up windows blocked, as they are considered safe. This can
    be configured in the
    Security tab
    Internet Options.

    When will end users see pop-up windows while Pop-up
    Manager is enabled?

    Customers will still see pop-ups windows opened in
    the following cases:

    •       The
pop-up is opened by a link which the user clicked.

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