The Definitive Agile Reading List

I have been asked several times for reading recommendations for people looking to implement Agile in their organization. Providing that list is difficult because there are so many different ideas of what it means to be Agile. The concepts, practices, techniques, and values of Agile that matter most to individuals depend very much on their role in an […]

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I am 64 Bit

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Just like Hanselman, I was a bit apprehensive in deciding to install 64 bit Vista on my new machine. What would be different? Would my drivers work? What would break that I totally depend on in my toolbox? My new machine happens to be a Dell Latitude D830. The driving factor behind installing Vista64 on […]

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Communities of Practice

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One of the many valuable new ideas I picked up at Agile2007 is that of Communities of Practice (CoP). The basic principle is not ground breaking, but it puts a formal structure on a highly effective organizational pattern many people forget is available to them. The concept is deadly simple. People of like mind within your company come together […]

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Agile Adverts

Category:UncategorizedTag: : was a contest put on by Google for the Agile2007 conference. Imagine 2000 people in a room watching these videos on 20ft. screens and pissing themselves laughing (Google provides a free bar at all their gigs, after all). The hands down people’s choice award went to this video, Developer Abuse by Thought Works. Dang, […]

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Agile2007 Day 3 – Flippin’ Awesome!

A Framework for Agile Leadership At the executive level of any well-run organization, effective communications and planning are helped by framing discussions with formal frameworks. The frameworks themselves vary by the thousands, and an entire industry of business books is propped up by this idea. The fundamental idea is that you put a project or […]

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