Pluralcast # 11 : Parallel Programming in .NET 4

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Listen to this episode! [51:56] Stephen Toub joined me for a great discussion about the new Parallel Programming features in .NET 4. Formally known as the Parallel Extensions Library for .NET, these new features have graduate from DevLabs and are available out of the box in Visual Studio 2010. These exciting new features in .NET […]

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Silverlight is THE development platform for Windows Phone 7

How cool is that?  Oh, by the way, gaming is supported through the XNA framework. Even better! Lets get started! Windows Phone developer tools CTP (don’t forget the release notes) Who needs some learning material?  I know I do: Getting started with Silverlight and Windows Phone development Windows Phone Application Bar Navigation framework for Windows […]

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Silverlight 4 – News from MIX10

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This just in from MIX10; well, I just found out anyways.  Silverlight 4 has released the Silverlight 4 RC (release candidate). Want the new stuff? Well, here is how to get it: Visual Studio 2010 RC or Visual Web Developer Express 2010 RC Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio 2010 Expression Blend 4 beta Silverlight […]

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