23 Jan

Scrum.org’s New Agile Webcast Series (no trans fats)

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I’ve been focusing energies at Scrum.org on growing our community of Agile practitioners. That’s right, the word “scrum” wasn’t in that statement. Sort of. Our mission is to Improve the Profession of Software Development, not to Increase Instances of Poorly Implemented Scrum. But, I digress…

Scrum.org wants to be a valued resource for those practicing agile development methods and techniques, regardless of what those methods and techniques are called. Accordingly, we just announced our new webcast series, “An ongoing public discourse on Agile, Scrum, and professional software development.”

Our plan is to keep these free to attend and to ensure previously recorded episodes are available for viewing. Topics will range on all subjects professional software development related, and will occasionally even discuss Scrum. Anyone may present, but we won’t allow any “you should buy this product because it will make you more agile” crap.

We are leading off the series with Chad Albrecht’s Agile Economics, the Dollars and Sense of Scrum. I’ve seen this talk from Chad, which is why I asked him to do it on the webcast. If you need ammunition for convincing your executives (or even just your boss) about the legitimacy of agile methods, come see this talk. You’ll get an arsenal of arguments and case law to support the idea that this whole agile thing is good business. You may register to attend this episode, but we only have 100 seats available, so space is limited in the live session.

If you have suggestions for topics you would like to see covered, or if you have an idea you would like to share as a presenter, please let me know. We want hard-core geek topics as well as topics of interest to process wonks.

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