19 Oct

A Thought on Starting and Growing Your Practice

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There are many known models for growth.

  • Apprentice/Journey/Master
  • Su/Ha/Ri

All essentially say this:

  1. Imitate to understand
  2. Experiment deliberately to find improvement
  3. Someday, maybe, perhaps (based on many variables) : Change the game

Kent Beck said it like this, about XP.

  1. Do everything as written.
  2. After having done that, experiment with variations in the rules.
  3. Eventually, don’t care if you are doing XP or not.


Remember that the goal of the daily team meeting is to create a plan for the next 24 hours. For the daily planning meeting we call “standup”:

  1.  Use the 3 questions
  2. Focus on the Feature
  3. Focus on the Goal

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