Chris Brandsma

My name is Chris Brandsma and I am a Senior Software Engineer working for Unity Media Group, located in Eagle, Idaho.   Currently, my interests are in effective C#, Asp.Net MVC, .net Compact Framework, Design Patterns, JQuery, JavaScript, LINQ, NHibernate,  Agile, and Test Driven Development. When not programming, or talking about programming at user groups (BSDG and NetDug) and Code Camps (, or reading books on programming (I think this might be an obsession brewing here), I can be found at home playing with my four kids, playing guitar, or doing something brash with power tools in the garage. If anyone wants to talk to me more directly, you can email me at chris.brandsma|AT| I am also on Twitter (cwbrandsma), LinkedIn, FaceBook, and StackOverflow.