Richard Cirerol

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I am a Software Developer in Boise, Idaho. I enjoy being part of the talented community of developers and engineers in the Boise area. I am an occasional committer (and Pluralsight author) for the NancyFX framework.

My first introductions to programming were in elementary school on Apple IIe’s and Commodore 64/128’s, then in junior high school on a Texas Instruments TI-99. In high school, I thought it would be cooler to play guitar than on computers. Through a series of events, I stumbled back into computers and technology. From 1995 to 2006, I provided user, workstation, server, and networking support at Micron Electronics, Entex Information Services (now Siebel), Qwest, and the State of Idaho. At these companies, I had been doing programming behind the scenes…creating team collaboration websites, administration scripts, etc.

While at the State, I was given the opportunity to transition into full-fledged software development. Being somewhat of a rookie, I sought out information on software development best practices. I consumed books on software engineering and design patterns. I sought out blog sites with members who cared about code quality. Among the blog sites I found,,,, and were very helpful. (I am very humbled to be a member of this group as an author.)

Since transitioning into development, I have worked on projects for the State of Idaho, Hewlett Packard, and Walt Disney Home Entertainment. It has been quite a ride and I hope the experiences I share will provide some value.

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