Code Cast 33 – Jimmy Bogard on AutoMapper

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AutoMapper is one those tools tools that seems to be gaining in popularity lately, generating a lot of talk on the web and at user groups.  Seemed like a good idea to talk with its creator, Jimmy Bogard, and get the run-down on it. In this code case we have Elegant Coders Chris Brandsma and […]

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Poker Planning for Windows Mobile

I got annoyed this week.  We were doing our planning poker (with the cards) when one of my coworkers broke out his IPhone instead.  He had a planning poker app on his freaking IPhone.  I whipped out my Windows Mobile phone and ? did nothing.  I grabbed a deck of card and moved on. Afterwards […]

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Playing with JQuery Validation library

New job (2 weeks in), new responsibilities, new tools to play with.  Amazingly (for me), one of the new tools is the JQuery Validation Library.  My diving into this also coincides with ScottGu’s announcement that Microsoft is creating their own CDN for JQuery and JQuery Validation.  Bad news is that this means I’m behind.  That […]

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