4 Apr

Bat-Pac for my XT500

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My Bat-Pac from Bat-Pac.com came in the mail yesterday
and I installed it in all of about 5 minutes last night. This product is intended
to replace the need for a battery in a kick-start motorcycle application, at the same
time providing a more stable electrical current to your electronics.

The unit provides all functions as advertised. All of my electrical items function
correctly and most notably, my headlight at idle is just as strong as at 4K RPM.

This unit replaced the battery on my XT500 and while it doesn’t seem right to run
a bike without a battery, it makes perfect sense that I don’t need one. A battery
only stores power, after all. Batteries don’t make power. I should no longer need
a battery tender while the bike is not in use, and I should never need to buy another

I recommend this product for your kick-start bike. It delivers what it claims.