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11 Jan

Rebooting the Azure for Executives Podcast with Landing Zones

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My co-host Paul Maher and I took a break from the Azure for Executives podcast for a while and are happy to report that we are back in the game for 2023! Not only are we releasing new episodes, but we are refocusing the show a bit on broader topics of Azure and cloud computing.

To start 2023, we just released a new episode, “Moving to the cloud using Azure Landing Zones with Jeff Mitchell and Dom Allen.” This show focuses on helping organizations move workloads to Azure with Landing Zones, described below.

We are delighted to be back in the recording booth and look forward to bringing you rich conversations with technology leaders and influencers, with a primary focus on Microsoft Azure.

About Landing Zones

An Azure Landing Zone is a set of foundational resources and architectural guidance used by organizations bringing their workloads to Azure. LZs provide a set of foundational governance, security, and network services for an organization to build upon when migrating workloads to Azure.

Landing Zones are intended to provide a starting point for organizations to establish a secure and well-architected environment in Azure, with a focus on governance and compliance.