BMW K1200R

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I haven’t blogged about bikes in awhile.  I haven’t really thought about them
much, but I picked up a couple of bike magazines in Houston last week and realized
that the K1200R that I had been drooling over in the prototype stag are now out there
in the real world.

This bike is a thing of beauty.  This is my next bike and given the price tag,
it’ll only be about 10 years.  I thought I was in love with the 1200 GS, but
my Tiger will hold me if I had one of these.

Type Water-cooled, four-stroke inline 4-cylinder
engine, dual camshaft, four valves per cylinder
Bore x stroke 3.1 inches (79 mm) x 2.3 inches (59 mm)
Displacement 1157 cc
Horsepower 163 bhp @ 10,250 rpm
Torque 93.6 lb-ft @ 8,250 rpm
Compression ratio 13.0:1
Valve gear DOHC
Valves 2 x 32 mm intake / 2 x 27.5 mm exhaust
Valves / Cylinder Four
Management BMS-K
Fuel requirements Premium unleaded
Fuel capacity 5.0 U.S. gallons
Fuel consumption 0-62.1 miles(100 km) at a
constant 56.0 mph (90 km/h):
1.2 gallons
Fuel consumption 0-62.1 miles(100 km) at a
constant 74.6 mph (120 km/h):
1.5 gallons
Charging system 580 Watts @ 12 Volts
Battery 12 Volts 14 Amps/hour
Top speed Over 124.3 mph