Autocom Review

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For our recent bike trip to Stanley, the wife and I wanted to be able to carry on
a conversation with each other on the Tiger.  We first tried a set of Motorola
walkie-talkies with VOX throat mikes and ear buds.  I will be returning them
later this week.  In 45 minutes of trying to use them the night before we left,
we never got them to the point that we could clearly understand each other.

So after reading some reviews on ADV Rider that
night, we picked up an Autocom
intercom system on the way out of town.  I could not be happier
with this product.  It is simply a different experience to ride along and carry
on an unrestricted, free-flowing conversation with your pillion.  We both thoroughly
enjoyed the ride to and from Stanley via Sun Valley.

We played the iPod through the system and since I was in control of the tunes, it
was great!  The volume was adjustable through the iPod itself, perfect.

I am liking this system so much that i bought a third headset and put it into my kid’s
helmet for the ride to school every day.  He loves it and the ride is a lot less
stressful for him.  I will never ride 2 up without this thing plugged in again.

I also want to throw a bone to Happy Trails,
the place where I bought the system.  These guys are a local company, but do
most of their business on-line.  Their customer service was great.  The
salesman actually helped me dis-assemble the helmets and install the system. 
He even called Autocom for clarification for my weirdo helmet (Justisimo Caberg).