The New R1200GS Adventure

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It’s finally here (almost). The 2006 R1200GS Adventure is the upcoming offering from
BMW that replaces the venerable R1150GS Adventure. I will start by saying that I have
no, repeat NO, chance of owning one of these beautiful machines. When this thing actually
makes it to market, I have no doubt that it will retail for at least $20K fully equipped
(you just gotta have the matched BMW GPS).

I have been waiting for BMW to announce this bike since the entry of the R1200GS into
the market 2 years ago and it looks well worth the wait. I read that it will have
about a 350 mile range which makes it perfect as the new Iron
standard ride.


Anything here is based simply on what I have read so far or can see in pictures here.

  • It looks like the seat is two pieces like the standard GS. This could be nice if they
    did it right. The rider should be able to remove the rear seat and replace it with
    a cargo deck.

  • The ploy carbon tank shields will be cheaper to replace than a new paint job when
    you drop it on the fire road.

  • The stock guards look pretty tough, but I would really like to see an add on that
    protects the cylinder heads. I bet we see that in the aftermarket within the year.

  • My gosh, this bike looks great. This is pure biker nerd nirvana.