2006 Road Trip Finale

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Nothing recharges my batteries like a motorcycle road trip. This one was far and away
the best trip I have ever taken. I went north up through Glacier National Park, then
Calgary, across the Canadian Rockies, and back down through northern Idaho. I saw
scenery that brought a tear to my eye. I ate truck stop food and drank all week from
a camel pack. I slept in hotels that had vibrating beds. My Corbin leather seat rubbed
sores on my ass. It was a great trip.

I made the run from Calgary to Revelstock, Canada, on Thursday, then from Revelstock
to Lewiston, Idaho, the next day. The last leg home to Boise took all Saturday.

I have tried to condense the entire trip into a photo essay of ten pictures and
here they are:

If that isn’t enough for you, the entire contents of my camera, over 200 pictures,
is available here: