2 Aug

Favorite Quotes from Agile 2006

check code in better than you checked it out.” — Robert Martin


you can do to drive down feature sets will often result in something considered to
be an ‘innovative’ product.” – Mary Poppendieck


anything joins a queue, that is waste.”  — Mary


start any sentence with “Yes, but…” ’Buts’ are ugly;
‘ands’ are beautiful”
Herbert Smits


is doing Agile just a little different.  Nobody
is doing it the same but it is working.”


is not a test tool, but a requirement defining tool.”
Michael Bolton


after American car makers had exhausted every other explanation for Toyota’s
success were they able to admit that their real advantage was its ability to harness
the intellect of ‘ordinary’ employees.” –Gary
Hamel in Management Innovation


don’t know what they want until they see it”
Christopher Avery


don’t really believe Agile will work until they internalize the principals.”
Overheard over drinks. 


worst projects you were on were named after star trek characters or constellations
because they were initiated and defined by geeks, not the real customers.”
Mike Cohn


is a narcotic effect of green in Fitness.” — Michael Bolton


aren’t Requirements, they are Desirements.”
Dan Hawthorne