10 Aug

Bizarre Instant Messenger Session

While eating lunch at the Agile 2006 Conference in Minnesota, I had my laptop out
on the table and was tabbing through the conference agenda trying to decide which
session to attend next, when an amazing thing happened.

I received a request from Instant Messenger for a new contact.  I assumed that
this was a person from my work who had just gotten a new account or something, and
so I accepted the invitation for the mysterious IM account “UC”. 
I curiously asked, “Who is this?” of the new contact expecting to know
the person and to tell them that they had a really unusable IM name.

“Yussi Ariefiyono” was the reply.  Huh? 


It turns out that this was a person who had found some code of mine from several years
ago over at ASP.Net where I posted
a free-ware control that I wrote.  This code is old, man.  It was a re-usable
.Net control that hooks up to Google Web Services to search your site, but that isn’t
the point.

The point is that some stranger is the Netherlands was talking to me about a control
I wrote while I sat in the dining room of a hotel 1000 miles from my home back
in Idaho.  Wow.

This whole Internet thing is going to catch on.  You just wait and see.