16 Aug

Windows Live Writer

This post is being written in Windows
Live Writer
, a new blogging tool from Microsoft.  I am completely
happy with the this tool and the fact that MS is putting it out there.

As you may recall, I
have tried
every off-line blog tool known to man, and regardless
of my total frustration with the poor quality of the ones available, I like Live
Writer very much.  It is a nice blog client in its’ own right.

I do wonder how the release of this tool aligns with the MS Word 2007 feature of blogging
straight from MS Word.  I posted a question about this on the Live
Writer MSN Group,
my post got deleted.  Curious.

That said, I am excited enough about the app that I finally signed up for MSN Groups

The one thing that really spooks me about this app is that it smacks of something
that a really talented Windows developer could mach together in a day.  It really
does have that look, very Windows formulaic, which is fine, but it just makes me mad
that I couldn’t mash it up myself.

It is better done than any other competing off-line blogging client out there.