21 Aug

The 2006 Stomp

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The Stomp was great.  This is first time I have ever attended a “real” motorcycle
rally and rest assured it will not be my last. 

Here is a photo gallery of pics that I took.

I thought the great fun would be in seeing all of the different motorcycles
and other machines.  While this was great, and there was a lot to see, it was
truly the people that I met that made it such fun.  They are why I will be back
next year.

Scott is Chief Detective for Yakima police department.  Seriously.
 Great stories of touring Alaska on his GS.

Rex is 74 years old and has been living on his motorcycle for the
last 3 years, after learning to ride.  Here
is his story
.  When he dropped his bike leaving the rally, I panicked a little
as I ran over to help, but I was told not to worry.  “He does that a lot.”

Rex gave me a login for his site on Star Traxx and
now I can see where he is at all times in his travels across North America. 
He has a satellite GPS transmitter on his bike.

Ned was on his way to burning man and had great stories to share. 
I am now invited to join the BMW Mottorad theme camp at Burning Man in 2007. 
Awesome.  He introduced me to 72 year old Wade, who was also a burning man participant
and self avowed nudist admirer.  Apparently Wade was an Air Force guard at Area
51 in the 1950s.  I did not bring near enough whiskey and cigars to get
to all of his stories.

Ironically, Ned was riding a KLX 300 and walking all over the bigger bikes while doing

The Canadian, whose real name I cannot remember, hooked me up with
a BMW roundel beanie.  We also discussed the relative merits between Canadian
and U.S. herb.  Apparently the U.S. dollar is stronger when buying marijuana,

Becky and Darren own and run Alpine
Sands Motorcycle Adventures
in Grand Junction, Colorado.  Darren makes riding
a R1150GS Adventure look like riding a CRF400X.  Don’t know what that means? 
It means he is really good.

They are both really nice and after running around the hills with them and Ned all
day, they both gave me some dirt riding pointers in the hot springs that night that
turned out to be helpful.

Tim, owner and operator of Happy
in Boise,  lead our dirt road adventures on Friday astride his KTM
950 Adventure.  What an awesome bike.  I coveted it until I saw him oiling
the chain.  Tim and I helped Brad get his Ducati/Cageva Elephant up out of the
drainage and back on the road after he missed a turn.  That one could have been
really bad.

These are just a few of the people I met, and enjoyed.  I can’t wait for the
next event :).

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