28 Jul

A Professional Software Developer Never Says …

"Let us cleanup and fix this code later so we can meet our deadline".

2 thoughts on “A Professional Software Developer Never Says …

  1. So, does a professional developer instead say to stakeholders

    “We need to delay the release or delay feature X because I want to refactor the code. What’s refactoring? Oh, I’m going to improve the design of the code without changing functionality. It’ll make things easier to change down the road and it will make me and the rest of the team feel much better about our jobs, instead of this sick-to-the-pit-of-our-stomach feeling we normally have.”

    Can I have your stakeholders please? 😀

  2. If a particular refactoring is causing a sprint to delay, then yes, certain features should be moved to the next iteration. Not doing the refactoring is a worst case scenario as this piece of code starts to rot and infects other pieces of code.

    My advice is to code today and don’t think about a next iteration as there might not be one.

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