I Quit My Day Job

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I am excited, scared, and unemployed. On purpose.

I have resigned from my position as Chief Software Architect for Healthwise where I have worked in many capacities over the last 11 years. It is certainly not an easy decision or one that I take lightly, but it is time.

Now what, you ask?

  1. Teaching through PluralSight, in several areas including Team System and some other courses I am writing that we hope will be a hit.
  2. Working with individual clients and teams helping people adopt Agile development practices.
  3. Paying my mortgage.
  4. Building community through Elegant Code, the local Boise APLN, and hopefully the best Code Camp Boise has seen in 2009.

I am giving myself 6 months to be able to feed the family before I have to get a job. *gasp*.

9 thoughts on “I Quit My Day Job

  1. Congrats David, keep on rockin’ the elegant-coding community.

    A somewhat irrational, unrelated note: PluralSight’s logo scares me… it’s somewhere between scalpel-to-the-eye and stay-away-from-my-sarcophagus-or-I-burn-you.

  2. I found this to be quite neat. I been checking out your blog, it’s on my feeds list and today when I saw this I laughed because I work at MedSeek – and I had no idea I was reading a blog from someone at HealthVision. Same industry, neat stuff, and small world.

  3. David! I heard through the grapevine so i thought i’d better check on yer blog. Congratulations. It’s liberating and i know you’ll succeed at whatever you do. You are brilliant and talented. Keep in touch.
    geri metzger (now back in boise)

  4. You rock, man! I ran into Lawrence Spears last night and he gave me the update. There is a life after Healthwise, trust me. You’ll do fine. Renee

  5. Congrats Dave!!

    I know it’s scary but I think it’s worth doing atleast once in our life time to do what we want and see where it takes us. I know you will do great at Pluralsight and ElegantCode.


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