30 May

Life With My Geeks – Pop Culture

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We have a serious pop culture deficit going on here at Chez Star.  The kids believe it’s tantamount to child abuse because we limit their use of You Tube and the only television channel we get is  PBS.  I will admit, these are both tremendous setbacks when you’re a tween and your entire class (that’s right, every single person but you) watched American Idol last night.

My geeks aren’t really fond of pop culture; their brain space is being utilized in other ways.  But everyone else in the house?  They’re now getting old enough to realize that they just might actually die if they miss the next episode of whatever everyone else is talking about.

When the 5th grader was lamenting not knowing the ins and outs of Dancing With The Stars, the 6th grade geek gave the following response:

“My pop culture data store is deliberately small.”

Dave was so proud.