I know because I can read

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Jason: There’s an issue with your stupid threading code.

(Don’t jump all over me for not fixing the problem myself or the way that I brought up the fact that there was one. We have an excellent working relationship that allows for this type of interaction / humor. And we benefit a lot from it as when the other party can’t be offended you get to the point quickly, agree a solution and move on).

Priyesh (incredulously): How can you be sure that it’s a threading issue?

Jason: Because the error message is “System.Threading.ThreadAbortException: Thread was being aborted”

Priyesh: Ah, you’re probably right then.

One thought on “I know because I can read”

  1. Yeah, I’ve found that when you are in a situation where you have mutual respect but can talk smack to each other, it’s a fun way to work.

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