17 Nov

PDC Notes

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I am grateful to INETA to be attending PDC this year. Also, I grateful to Visual Stuart, who is letting me crash in his room. Turns out, I am a cheap skate 🙂

I am sitting in the keynote on Tuesday and thinking about the week. In addition to the

Wait? What the… WordPress moving into the Azure cloud? Sweet!

volunteer sessions I am doing for INETA, I am hosting a Birds of a Feather session with Mike Vincent. Our BOF is this afternoon and is entitled, “Agile Tales of Triumph, Tribulation, Tools, and Teams”. Drop by and join the discussion to learn

Code name Dallas: A uniform way to access data in the cloud and mash it all up.

and share what really works.

It has been very cool to meet many of the Pluralsight instructors for the first time. We all live in different parts of the world, and PDC provides that opportunity for us to

Everyone get your 3D glasses on! Oh, that was very anti-climactic.

all actually shake physical hands rather than electronic ones.

Also, drop by the Pluralsight booth and share your developer stories with me. Here’s the sneak peek as to why: Pluralcast. More on that in another post. Suffice

I think that guy onstage is showing an iPhone and talking about how easy it was to write an app for it. Weird.

to say there will be some changes in the Elegant Code Cast.

Did he just say, “Create applications for the good of the republic?” Seriously?

Lastly, if you see me running around the halls, please stop me and say, Hello.” It’s very cool to be able to meet people I usually only get to chat with online. If you are looking for a great developer team to build your next big thing, we can talk about that, too!

Please stop saying “3 screens in the cloud.”

Ray Ozzie final points from the keynote:

  1. Bet your next user experience on Windows 7
  2. When thinking of the cloud, bet on Azure.
  3. Take a moment to think about how the world is changing and the potential role of cloud in that world.

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  1. That was a little hard to read, but I was laughing the whole way through…

    Also, I keep seeing “Dallas” fly by on twitter & the one liner you have about it in the post conveniently gave me a glimmer of context.

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