21 Jun

Pluralcast 18 : BDD in .NET with StoryQ

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This episode is a visit with Rob Fonseca-Ensor, the HCIC (Head Craftsman in Charge) of StoryQ, a BDD testing framework for .NET. I used StoryQ in this talk at TechEd 2010 and have used it in production for awhile now. I really like this framework as a vehicle for helping get minds wrapped around the concepts of BDD and for including business folks in our specification discussions.

Rob shares the genesis of the tool and how it works, along with some great nuggets on BDD along the way.

Rob Fonseca-Ensor


Rob Fonseca-Ensor is a New Zealander living in London, working as a .NET consultant for Infusion Development. Founder of the nascent Canary Wharf .Net User Group, Rob has a keen interest in all things agile.

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