24 Jan

Introducing TrackMyRun

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I’ve been working on a small pet project for a couple of weeks now, which I named TrackMyRun. I’m quite fanatic when it comes to running, doing about 130 runs a year. Currently I’m keeping track of all these runs in a simple spreadsheet, but off course, that’s certainly not “the geek way”. Hence the start of yet another pet project.

TrackMyRun is written using CoffeeScript, Node.js and Express. I’m also using the Bootstrap toolkit from Twitter for styling. I’m intending to actually use this small application for myself by hosting it on Heroku or some other cloud solution as soon as I’m able to finish the most essential features. It’s far from done yet, but you can already have a look at the source code on GitHub.  As always, suggestions are welcome.

Happy reading!

4 thoughts on “Introducing TrackMyRun

  1. I’m currently using Polar gear and pretty happy about it. Haven’t yet looked at the Nike gear though.

  2. Have you looked at DailyMiler, ElectricMiles, RunMeter, LogYourRun, RunStar, Track2Miles, Run Free, etc…? They all pretty much do the same thing.

  3. But they all miss the specific features that I’m looking for, namely tracking the wear of shoes over time and distance correlated with intensity and the average distance of runs over time.  

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