New MSDN Scrum Articles by Me

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I wrote some articles on Scrum and agile for MSDN recently. The articles are now live and I hope they prove useful for you. Thanks to Gregg Boer for the opportunity to get these released on MSDN!

The Lean of Scrum

Inspect the inherent Lean qualities of the Scrum framework along with various ways to help Scrum Teams improve using Lean Thinking.

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Effective Sprint Retrospectives

Going beyond techniques, this article offers ways to maintain and improve the practice and results of Retrospectives.

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Distributed Scrum

Distributed teams often struggle with consistent, timely, and effective communication. In this article, David Starr explains how Scrum offers a container in which different types of distributed teams can improve and succeed.

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Done and Undone

This is the article I wrote with Ken Schwaber. It was published a few months ago but really does fit with these other articles, so I am including it here.

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