The Pyramid of Programmer Badassery

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Listen to this episode of the Herding Code podcast to get the seeds of this conversation. Or scroll to the bottom and worship Cori Drew.


@coridrew7h : @ElegantCoder <3 your "Hierarchy of Programmer Badassery" in @herdingcode150: People, Practices & Dev Tools

@ElegantCoder7h : @coridrew @herdingcode 🙂 ha! it’s a real word. Somewhere.

@coridrew5h : @ElegantCoder Without a doubt it is – I just want to see it diagrammed like this


@ElegantCoder : @coridrew feels more like this

@coridrew : @ElegantCoder This was the best I could do on short notice 😛


I stand in awe of you, @coridrew.

3 thoughts on “The Pyramid of Programmer Badassery

  1. A mom writing macros in Excel? Wow! I think your hierarchy needs some working, you’re forgetting application developers, who should be at the same level of game developers. I also wouldn’t have “Devs who write tools for other developers” on top of Game developers.

  2. Your mom may be better qualified than most people who think they’re programmers! At least if the resumes I get are any indication..

    I think game developers are more badass than people who write tools for other developers. At least, that’s where I usually end up (writing tools) and I am frequently in awe of game developers…

  3. Bear in mind this is just what I meant in describing the kinds of work that appeal to me. It was just an errant comment.

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