12 Feb

Show Us Your Work Boards

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Our team is thinking a lot about work boards right now. By work boards, I mean those information radiators in your hallways and team rooms you use to visualize your work.  Work boards could be anything from a formal Scrum Sprint Backlog to a Kanban board to a simple to-do list. Most of them are a variation on this theme:











For years I have been fascinated by them, even teaching others to design, use, and emerge them in various classes, workshops, and conferences. I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of brain energy thinking about how we model the concepts of work and potential software into a plan on the wall. Too much time, actually. I should have spent more time just making software, but I digress.

Given this fascination of mine, you can imagine how stoked I am to be considering the various experiences of using boards like these to inform our discussions about TFS. To that end, I have a request.

Send Me Pics, Please

I want to see your work board. Please send me photos of your information radiators, regardless of what type they are, technique you use, or white robe you follow.

  1. If you don’t want the picture made public (say, if I decide to blog it with full attribution) then say so in the email. Otherwise I will assume you are cool with me reposting.
  2. Please do not send pics of electronic management systems like TFS or its competitors.
  3. You do NOT need to be close enough to read anything on the cards. I am not trying to get insights into your super-top-secret incubator project. I just want to see how you express your team’s plan.
  4. I would love it if you would share anything you really like/dislike about your work boards.
  5. Please feel free to add accompanying information you like including things like:
    • How your team uses the board
    • How it has evolved over time
    • Who cares about it?
    • How would you improve it?
    • Etc
  6. Send your pics to pics@elegantcode.com and thank you for helping us!

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  1. OK – sending picts of two teams – not as exemplars of scrum boards – but for discussion purposes

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