Charging Station – I Apparently do Handicrafts Now

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I regret not having blogged in several months and am determined to get back on that wagon. Let?s start simply, with a goofy little holiday project.

This is what happens when my boss puts me on ?you?ve been working too much? leave. I do dumb things in the garage.

I despise an untidy mess and tangle of wires. I could easily work atop a dirt floor with a half inch of dust on things, so long as all things in the room are at right angles to one another and there isn?t a knot of wires in sight. I know, it?s my own little OCD problem.

Accordingly, I recently came up with a Pinterest-worthy handicraft that hides all my tangled charging cables. I grew tired of seeing tangles of micro-USB cables flowing from powers strips, so here is my solution.


At a friends recommendation, I bought an Anker IQ charging brick. You can get a pack o? cheap and short micro-USB cables with it for $10 more.

Then I took a wooden cigar box, secured from my local cigar shop, and drilled holes in it to support the power cord and up to 6 micro-USB cables poking out the sides. I velcroed the charger to the inside of the box so it wouldn?t knock around in there when I move the box.


It looks a bit like an insect.


But it works great and when I am not charging anything, I can push the cables back into the cigar box. Nice and tidy.


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