22 Jul

What I immediately installed on my new MacBook Pro

Category:General Post

I just bought a new MacBook Pro. New to me, anyway. Craigslist for the win.

Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to keep track of what I installed right away and see what I can’t live without.

  1. OS Updates
    Of course. The first thing to install.
  2. Google Chrome
    Unpinning Safari as quick as possible.
  3. Activate LastPass
    My password storage tool and the key to getting into some other websites.
  4. MS Office
    From O365. Got to have the office suite.
  5. Homebrew
    Package installer that helps me install many of the other things on this list.
  6. VS Code
    I can’t live without it. I also like it better on Mac than on PC, but that’s just preference.
  7. iTerm2
    The best terminal for Mac. Blows the built-in one away.
  8. Finder mode
    Allow me to see hidden files and folders in Finder
  9. NVM
    To manage different versions of Node
  10. Node.js
    ‘Nuff said
  11. git
    Gotta have it
  12. bash-git-prompt
    Love this mode. Gives me great context when working in Bash using git.
  13. Better Snap Tool
    Allows me to define areas and hotkeys for docking windows. I love this tool, especially when working on a huge monitor
  14. SublimeText
    Ubiquitous text editor. Gotta have it.
  15. Feedly
    To keep up on a few blogs and podcasts I listen to.
  16. Howler Timer
    My favorite timer to use in a classroom. It’s dead simple and fun.
  17. MS OneNote
    This is a great way to track my notes. Couldn’t live without it.
  18. MS OneDrive
    To keep my cloud files all synched up.

That’s it for the first session of installing things. If you think I’m missing something I really need, leave a comment. I want to know what else I’m missing out on.

And no, I don’t need Alfred.