25 Sep

Data, data, and more data

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I’m running an experiment by blogging on another platform and linking to those posts from elegantcode.com. I don’t know if this is an effective model, but this post will help me learn.

Data, data, and more data: Bringing it all together

As the host of the Azure for Industry Podcast and I recently sat down with the executive team at Solix, Inc. to talk about not only their data services, but about how data is managed and shaped to provide a data warehouse that analysts, data scientists, and others can query from using their favorite analytics tool, like Power BI.

Listen to the episode here, and as long as you are here, subscribe to the show!

Stop drowning and start swimming in your data

An article I authored on LinkedIn presents solutions for organizations moving their disparate silos of data into a queryable solution using Azure Data Lake and Azure Data Warehouse.

Will this work?

So what do you think? Is a blog post with pointers a useful post or should I stick to blogging directly to ElegantCode.com?

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