Can anyone tell me why this class is

A) sealed


B) not a struct?

I had to write a horribly goofy wrapper class over the top of System.Version because
I couldn’t derive from it. While we are at it, why are the member properties
read only?

This class provides basically no functionality other than operator overladed comparisons
and ToString(). Is it so dangerous that Microsoft really
had to seal it? Good grief.

Using Virtual Machines

I know I am a bit late to the game on this subject, but our team has begun making
extensive use of MS
Virtual PC
for development environments.

This is a new world! I love having a baseline image and working from there for individual
projects. We recently purchased some portable
USB hard drives
for the team and this has made carrying virtual machines with
our laptops MUCH easier.

Our team is able to share images since we all use the same base image and just add
differenced hard drive images to it.


VSS 8.0

Poking around in Whidbey, I see that it includes an update to VSS. Thank goodness.

I see some menus in the VSS client that lead me to think that there is a web server
component to it (web access to VSS?) but I cannot find any detail on it anywhere.
On the web or on Anyone got anything?

We have actually migrated to CVS because of the lack of support for remote
and extra net support in VSS. I really hope Microsoft does something good


Thank you, Korby.
It looks like VSS is getting a genuine makeover.

If remote access is genuinely improved, VSS just might have a future.  It
would still take more than that to get me back from CVS.

How about a Honda Nighthawk?

I have been thinking about what bike would be a good starter for my wife and I think
I am inclining toward the tried and true Honda
Nighthawk 750
. Boring, I know, but it seems like a trusty machine to get your
feet wet on and something I can use for commuting without muttering, “Hurry
Up” all the way to work

The dealer here said that they don’t even stock them because everyone is more interested
in sportier bikes, so I am going to have to go ride a used one in the p[aper just
to get a feel for it.


OK, we rode a Nighthawk 750. All of the review I read about this bike said, “Great
beginner bike, but uninspiring.” I kept wondering what that could possibly mean.
After all, 2 wheels are better than one, what could be such a letdown?

I have my answer. Riding a Nighthawk is just plain boring. Will it get the job done
and run forever? Yes. Will it be fun? Kinda. I guess. Look for something else.

My Wife is a Biker Chick

My wife, Eleanor, just passed her motorcycle safety course with flying colors.
I started with this program when I got a bike and so she signed up this year.

The Idaho STAR program is really great
for new bikers and I am really proud of her. She came home and got on my XT500 and
rode around the neighborhood like a pro!

Now, she
needs an R1
, right?

Bat-Pac for my XT500

My Bat-Pac from came in the mail yesterday
and I installed it in all of about 5 minutes last night. This product is intended
to replace the need for a battery in a kick-start motorcycle application, at the same
time providing a more stable electrical current to your electronics.

The unit provides all functions as advertised. All of my electrical items function
correctly and most notably, my headlight at idle is just as strong as at 4K RPM.

This unit replaced the battery on my XT500 and while it doesn’t seem right to run
a bike without a battery, it makes perfect sense that I don’t need one. A battery
only stores power, after all. Batteries don’t make power. I should no longer need
a battery tender while the bike is not in use, and I should never need to buy another

I recommend this product for your kick-start bike. It delivers what it claims.