I have faithfully used NewsGator for awhile
now. Hey, I even bought it! What it taught me was that I spend more time looking at
RSS feeds when they are readily available in my apps that I have open all of the time.
In the case of NewsGator, it integrates nicely with Outlook.

Now here’s Pluck. This one integrates seamlessly
into Internet Explorer and since installing it I have learned something else. I spend
more time in my browser than I do in Outlook.

Yeah, I know, another RSS reader. But I really like Pluck. I am sure it will mature
over time hopefully adding posting plugins (hint, hint).

XT500 Electrical Issues

I have a 1977 Yamaha XT500E that I am currently riding in-between big bikes and
I have been driven CRAZY by the performance of the electrical system. I have to charge
the battery every night, and that is a real pain.

So, I just ordered one of these battery eliminators.
I am rather excited to see if this works because I feel like I am ordering a gadget
from the back of Popular Mechanics magazine.

Will keep you posted on whether this thing actually works or not.

Build Tools for .Net

We have been using on our team and I spent a little time with it
today getting a few projects integrated into continous integration. There was some
frustration in the number of steps that had to be taken to get all of my projects
in and so i began poking around looking for some helper utilities.

I ran across this article by Mike
that lays out the current options for build tools for .Net quite nicely.