How about a Honda Nighthawk?

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I have been thinking about what bike would be a good starter for my wife and I think
I am inclining toward the tried and true Honda
Nighthawk 750
. Boring, I know, but it seems like a trusty machine to get your
feet wet on and something I can use for commuting without muttering, “Hurry
Up” all the way to work

The dealer here said that they don’t even stock them because everyone is more interested
in sportier bikes, so I am going to have to go ride a used one in the p[aper just
to get a feel for it.


OK, we rode a Nighthawk 750. All of the review I read about this bike said, “Great
beginner bike, but uninspiring.” I kept wondering what that could possibly mean.
After all, 2 wheels are better than one, what could be such a letdown?

I have my answer. Riding a Nighthawk is just plain boring. Will it get the job done
and run forever? Yes. Will it be fun? Kinda. I guess. Look for something else.