The Motorcyclist Wave

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If you ride a motorcycle, you know about this already.  If you don’t ride then
I’ll tell you what this is.  “The Wave” is a phenomenon that occurs when 2 bikes
pass each other on the street heading in opposite directions.  Invariably the
riders will dip their left hands down and give a little flip-of-the-wrist wave to
each other.  This is an international and universal signal for, “Hey buddy. 
We’re cool, huh?”

There are other aspects of the wave that are more finely detailed, like the propensity
of Harley Riders to eschew other types of bikes during the wave.

Along with this, there is a new component to the wave that I have seen recently. 
Scooters.  People on scooters are beginning to wave at me.  Now I don’t
want to be like the Harley snobs out there, but I gotta tell ya, I am not
going to wave a scooter.  These posers are not riding motorcycles and for the
most part should be ashamed of themselves for their purchase in the first place. 

A few times I have been tricked by the bigger scooters because I can’t tell from a
distance that they aren’t real bikes.  I’ll get the wave and return it just in
time to see the whole scooter and cringe.  “Damn it!  He got me!” 
I am convinced that this is how the scooter drivers learned about the wave in the
first place because surely no self respecting motorcyclist would have voluntarily
initiated a wave to one of these posers.

Now, I am not saying that scooters don’t have their place, but quit waving at me,