31 Mar

My Spam Velocity is Too High

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Here is a a screen shot from my Gmail account today. 

About 4 days ago I stopped deleting spam, although it is excruciating to my finicky nature.  I have to admire Google’s ability to trap all of these things.  Gmail is truly a killer application.  If anything, I am worried that the volume of spam is causing me to lose some valuable email because I can’t wade through all the spam.

The experiment I originally planned was to see how long it would take to reach 1000 spam emails, but based on current velocity that will occur tonight sometime.

Instead, I will be looking to see how many spam emails I can accumulate in one calendar month.  Based on my current burndown, I should have approximately 7000 spam messages by the 27th of April.

Who are these people?

Here’s my question: What kind of depraved human being spends his time coming up with this stuff?

Is there actually a market for this occupation?  Aren’t sex site peddlers ashamed of themselves?  What about the programmers who know the SMTP protocols well enough to provide the bulk spam capabilities to folks who want to send me emails about Viagra?  Who are these people?