Code Cast 1 – Breakfast

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Welcome the first episode of the Elegant Code Cast, a new production of We are excited to be branching out into new mediums by augmenting the Elegant Code blog with new an exciting content. The focus of our shows will be on real life techniques and developers in the field, just like us. Although […]

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ReSharper 3.1 Released

I am a ReSharper addict.  I admit it.  I have this habit of upgrading my ReSharper every time JetBrains releases a new version. Speaking of which: ReSharper 3.1 is out and ready for download. Or you can read the release notes. But, if you are hoping this will add C# 3.0 support…it doesn’t.  That is […]

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XForms – The Coolest Little Technology You’ve Never Heard Of

The reason you have never heard of this sweet technology is explored in this post, Microsoft and XForms, Standards Assassin or Innovator?. “Standards? Why Bother?” asked Bill. XForms is a way of expressing data and business logic into an XML instance that you can embed into an XHTML file and run in your favorite browser […]

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