11 Oct

Widgets of Wisdom III

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If you aren’t familiar with the Widgets of Wisdom feature, see the explanation and disclaimer here.

  1. Carry?a model at all times to express?your understanding to others.
  2. Look for patterns in all systems at all levels. Seeing them is the very essence of insight.
  3. At the application level, architecture and design are synonymous.
  4. “BizTalk is overkill” is a typically overheard comment of Drive by Architecture.
  5. Developers would never prescribe BizTalk or a TIBCO or any other message bus system. That type of decision is typical of a CTO or someone who reports directly to one. These are strategic decisions.
    “I think that, generally, if you’re looking at something like BizTalk, you’re probably looking at somebody, a directory port of a CIO or a CTO, I would say.” — Roger Session
  6. “Anything that is architecture and is specific to a particular technology is kind of an oxymoron.” — Roger Sessions
  7. Good design allows for emergent functionality, which we can also think of as purposeful evolution.
  8. The Open/Close principle doesn’t mean you can’t recompile. — Allan Shalloway
  9. Fewer keystrokes != Elegant Code. Damn it! — Dave Starr 🙂
  10. Architectural decisions are those that will kill your business if they are wrong.
  11. To introduce a new technology into a system, have the entire team immerse in an architectural spike, then estimate.
  12. Schedule riskiest work first. Try prioritizing a backlog by risk.
  13. The work of a developer is to uncover complexity, the work of an architect is to simplify it.
  14. A legacy system is one that is already making money.
  15. ?The Winchester House in?San Jose?is the perfect example of following a vision without a plan.?