MotoQ Upgrade?

I just finished my first week with my new MotoQ, with Windows Mobile 6. I was using a Treo with Windows Mobile 5.5, but when we upgraded to Exchange 2007 server the Treo was no longer compatible. That’s right. Exchange 2007 and the Treo 700w no worky. And the best part is that I can’t get Mobile 6 on the Treo.

So, what’s the verdict? Basically, “Where’s my Treo?”

The wheel navigation on the right has always been hard for me to navigate. That’s why I didn’t like my previous BlackBerry. Therefore, I use the touch pad on the front, but I really miss my Treo’s touch screen. A lot.

It is harder in Mobile 6 to customize my front screen and easy-access applications, but at least I can run TinyTwitter with the new CLR.

And get this: You have to hack the registry to change the home page on the browser. That’s right. You have to HACK THE REGISTRY to change the home page. Microsoft, you are already under a microscope. Do you have to make yourself a standing target? This is just bad.

Lastly, where is the mechanical mute switch? Oh, that’s right. There isn’t one. That means I get to fumble this thing like a hot potato in a meeting where I forgot to set vibrate mode. Jeez.

At least it makes phone calls.

2 thoughts on “MotoQ Upgrade?

  1. Hey David, on my WM6 device there is a profile called automatic which will switch between normal and vibrate based on the information I have in my calendar – whether I am in or out of a meeting. I’d be surprised if they missed that functionality out of yours.

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