2 Jul

I am Joining PluralSight and Other News

This is my first post on PluralSight’s blog. As of this week, I count myself fortunate enough to have been invited to contribute to PluralSight’s team of instructors. What does this mean for me and for Elegant Code?

  • Healthwise (my full-time employer) has been good enough to offer me the opportunity to pursue this passion in addition to my current duties as Chief Software Architect. Frankly, teaching and learning with the other folks of PluralSight simply makes me better for Healthwise. Thank you, Neal.
  • Elegant Code is a community site near and dear to my heart. I will continue to contribute to the Elegant Code community and at times may cross post in both places.
  • The Elegant Code Cast will carry on and get even better. I just recorded a great session tonight, as a matter of fact 🙂
  • With PluralSight, I will have a particular focus on Team System, SharePoint, and we’ll see if I can rub a little of the Agile love on these guys. Need some Team System training? Ask for me 🙂

So, sorry if I have been a little quiet lately. As you can imagine, I have been having a couple of VERY busy weeks. Things were beginning to settle back into a manageable rhythm, then I got a call that prompted me to make some hurried family decisions. I will be taking 2 of my boys and heading to Texas (from Idaho) for the next 3 weeks. Real life meatspace issues are way tougher than developer problems, as it turns out. Getting older is for the birds, isn’t it?

This means that my coverage will be spotty for the next few weeks, but on the upside I get to take Mike Azocar out to dinner. Turns out he and I went to rival high schools (we always won the football games).

So, I will be resurfacing at the Agile 2008 conference in Toronto to do some TDD sessions and talks. I hope to bring home some great Code Cast interviews from that one!

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  1. Congratulations! This is exciting news and quite an honor. It must feel great to see all your hard work and enthusiasm continue to pay off.

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