6 Dec

Life With My Geek: Codeword Ubernerd

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It appears that my geek is raising up a little clone.  Ubernerd boy is well on his way to becoming a geek.

We now have a deal:  when 12 year old Mason can’t keep his mouth shut, and it’s desperately important that he do, I will say a code word.  Being the cool and nice mom, I let him pick his own word.  Here’s his first choice (and I am not making this up):


Pronounced like:


He was able to spell it for me.  But that is neither here nor there. 

The problem lies in the fact that I can’t remember that.  I told him that while it really was a great word, he’d have to come up with something that I could remember.  Mason’s new I’m-being-a-jerk code word:

I caught you this delicious bass.