Three Times the Fun

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Jason again. Over the past week, while most people have been enjoying some hard earned time off, I’ve been working…a lot. Joining me in my efforts have been fellow Elegant Coder Chris and Priyesh. The nature of the projects that we undertake here can make it difficult to apply some key development principles. A particularly […]

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My 100th blog post for 2008

I’m just in time for my 100th blog post for this year. As I mentioned last year, I think this is my absolute ceiling when it comes to writing blog posts, but you’ll never know. My kids are growing up, so maybe I’m going to get more time on my hands next year. Who knows? […]

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Hello Real DDD World

I’m really looking forward to the next Dutch ALT.NET meeting where Yves Goeleven will discuss DDD practices while having a look at a real production application. I think we’ll have some great discussions. The meeting will be held on January 27th in Mechelen from 18:00 till 21:00. Drop by if you are in the neighborhood […]

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Junior Vs Senior Developers?

Chris Brandsma recently wrote an insightful post about how we shouldn’t coddle junior developers. It’s a good post and i can definitely understand Chris’ frustrations on the matter. There’s just one thing i don’t understand though: why do we even differentiate between junior and senior developers? First of all, what’s the difference between a senior […]

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