10 Jan

Introducing the Butters’ Monthly Bone

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If you are reading this in an aggregator, you aren’t seeing the wicked cool new feature logo on the left side of the site. I suggest you click in to the site to get the full experience. It’s way worth it. I spent, like, 40 minutes making it in GIMP.

I don’t know about your dog, but here at Elegant Code our dog, Butters, will worry a bone until there is no meat left at all. When she is done, the bone is a mere husk of dried calcium with nothing left to offer.

That is the idea behind this new site feature is simple. All Elegant Code writers will add at least one post to a common theme for the month, thereby leaving nothing but a dried husk with nothing left to ponder. This should be fun because we all have different takes on these things.

Please drop us a line to suggest Butters’ Bone topics for the month. Note the better topics will not be 100% technical because strictly technical topics don’t always lend themselves to various perspectives.

So, watch for the first topics of the feature for January, “Ethics in Software Development.”