Setting up a FubuMVC Project from Scratch

I am going to start a series of articles on using FubuMVC for web projects. I have several reason for writing these, one of which is FubuMVC has a lack of documentation right now, so these articles will help out that cause. Also I am starting to do mostly web work, and want to do […]

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European Virtual ALT.NET Meeting on 02/02/2009

The first ‘official’ virtual ALT.NET meeting for the old continent has been scheduled for next Monday (02/02/2009). For this first one, Greg Young is kind enough to share some of his wisdom regarding Domain-Driven Design. Everyone who believes that he’s geek enough is free to attend, even if you’re not living in Europe. Start Time: […]

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Code Cast 19 – Peter Provost on Agile, Visual Studio 2010, and Architecture Tools

Peter Provost is Program Manager for Visual Studio Team System Architecture Edition. He visited with us recently on the upcoming release of Visual Studio 2010 and the the architecture tools it introduces. Although UML is part of the story, this isn?t your grandmother?s modeling story. Peter?s Agile approach to architecture is clear in the tooling […]

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