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Technical vs. Managerial Career Ladder

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While working at a former employer, I was given the opportunity to work with the CTO and the development teams to build a career ladder for both technical and managerial career advancement within the Software Engineering career field.

Recent discussions have come up in other arenas where people let me know they were interested in this subject, so I am posting the Excel spreadsheet we used to monitor individual placement on that career ladder.

My former employer gave me this content out of the goodness of their heart, so all references to their name and industry have been deleted, making this document extremely  generic. Hopefully you can see how your company would tailor some of the proficiency areas to work for you.

Software Engineer Career Ladder

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    Its nice post guys about Technical vs. Managerial Career Ladder. I’ll support to Technical because I think that it’s the best way to make our career bright without any problems. 


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