Code Cast 20 – Matt Heusser on Agile Testing

Matt Heusser is an Agilist with a focus on testing and craftsmanship. He joined Elegant Code in a discussion about the often misunderstood role of test in Agile development teams.

Matt is a frequent writer and speaker on Agile topics. His latest article appears in December’s Software Test and Performance where he covers Test Automation. You can find him at this year’s Agile 2009 conference in Chicago where he will be sharing the good word.

He also moderates the very active SW-IMPROVE Yahoo group where members discuss better ways to create software.

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David Starr

David Starr is a professional software craftsman committed to improving agility, collaboration, and technical excellence in software development teams. David is the Technical Training Director for GoDaddy. He is the founder of Elegant Code Solutions, has served in numerous leadership contexts, and was as an early and consistent advocate for agile software development.

One thought on “Code Cast 20 – Matt Heusser on Agile Testing”

  1. Great Podcast, once again Matt provides a real, down to earth perspective of the testing profession and the challenges faced in ‘going agile’.

    I think either approach to adopting SCRUM (~agile) can work. Big Bang where the organisation is at the right level of awareness and engagement or baby-steps where a team will lead the initiative.

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