8 Jun

See you at VS Live Vegas

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I have been uncharacteristically quiet here on the blog lately. Although I seem to have lost my voice for awhile, I can feel it coming back. Other bloggers tell me they also have dry spells occasionally.

The real point of this missive is to note that I, along with many of the Pluralsight crew, will be at VS Live in Vegas this week. I have 2 talks:

Supporting Scrum with VSTS 2008

Learn how to support and then supercharge your team using Scrum specific tools for Team System.

    We will examine more than the specific tools for enabling Scrum on Team System. We will also look at effective practices for working with Team System for Backlog Planning, Sprint Planning, The Daily Scrum, Review, and Retrospective.

    Agile Test Management in VSTS 2008

Managing requirements and associated tests is an ongoing problem for many organizations. Take advantage of Team System and Agile requirements analysis to simplify the problem and ensure requirements are represented as automated tests.

You’ll see how to turn User Stories into executable tests while ensuring software quality, automating regression testing, and building a culture of defect avoidance.


See you at the Venetian!