An agile team is one that…

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I recently asked an open-ended question on LinkedIn. I asked people to complete the following sentence. An agile team is one that… The request got a lot of suggestions, and there are some I think particularly worth exploring. This post looks at my two favorite answers. Self-correcting Firstly, “An agile team is one that self-corrects,” […]

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The Long Distance Product Owner

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I’m often asked questions I decide to answer on my blog. After all, if one person has the question, so do others. Here is the question we’re answering today. How can we make it work when the Product Owner and Development Team are 12 time zones apart? Answers People Don’t Like Well, there are a few […]

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The Social Network

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Over the weekend I watched this movie called The Social Network. As a geek, I felt that I was somehow mentally obligated to see this movie :-). While I was watching this movie, I noticed a subtle detail that was shown a couple of times throughout the film. This subtle detail showed how this small […]

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