24 Jun

Next European VAN on 6th July 2009

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This time, Alan Dean is going to do a presentation about REST. If you want to learn more about REST, then here’s you’re chance. Colin had some really nice things to say about his presentations, so it’s definitely going to be a learnful experience. If you already know some things about REST and want to get some of your questions answered, then you can add them to this topic on the E-VAN user group.

Start Time: Monday, July 06, 2009 07:00 PM GMT*

End Time: Monday, July 06, 2009 08:30 PM GMT

Attendee URL: http://snipr.com/virtualaltnet (Live Meeting)

VAN Calender: http://www.virtualaltnet.com/Home/Calendar

* For time zone arithmetic, you can consult this world clock site or use this time zone converter.

Stefan Tilkov has also kindly agreed to share some of his wisdom on REST at the start of August. We’re also thinking about organizing an extra E-VAN meeting on REST for mid-July, making this the mostRESTful summer in history. Details of these future E-VAN meetings will be posted soon.

As I already mentioned, Colin has set up a Google group for the E-VAN gatherings. I think we’ve had some good presentations so far, but we would be happy to hear your feedback on the past presentations and possible suggestions for the next ones.