Next European VAN on 6th July 2009

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This time, Alan Dean is going to do a presentation about REST. If you want to learn more about REST, then here’s you’re chance. Colin had some really nice things to say about his presentations, so it’s definitely going to be a learnful experience. If you already know some things about REST and want to […]

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ToggleButton Command for Prism

 Prism Commands enables you to handle user interactions in Xaml.  Even though the plumbing is there, Prism lacks commanding support for everything but Buttons.  Fortunately, it?s relatively easy to create new Commands for a range of controls.  This post details how to create a Checked and UnChecked Command for the ToggleButton (which can be applied […]

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Repost: Watch out for SQL Server Parameter Sniffing

I posted on this about a year ago.  I am reposting this as a Public Service Announcement (otherwise known as a PSA). Do you have a stored procedure where the amount of data returned can vary wildly depending on what parameters are passed in?  Does performance change dramatically depending on how much data is being […]

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